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Initiative to Empower Casamance Youth through
Leadership towards Reconciliation


It is Leadership Africa USA’s goal to promote peace through youth leadership development. In its Initiative to Empower Casamance Youth through “Leadership towards Reconciliation,” Leadership Africa USA does just that.

Leadership Africa USA with the support of USAID’s Africa Education Initiative (AEI) and in collaboration with the University of Ziguinchor and the Ministry of Education has launched a Leadership Training Program that directly targets middle school students to be active participants in the peace & reconciliation process in Senegal’s Casamance Region.

The objective for this leadership initiative is to promote peace and sustainable development through leadership skills training in the post-conflict area of the Casamance region. Empowering middle school students to become active participants in the on-going peace process is the main goal of this initiative. Leadership Africa USA worked with the University of Ziguinchor to develop a middle school leadership curriculum to promote conflict resolution and peace building through leadership training. The leadership curriculum benefited from substantial input from the students and was also
approved by the Ministry of Education for use in middle schools throughout Senegal. The success of this program has resulted in the first Leadership Curriculum targeted to middle school students.

Leadership Africa USA and its local partners have created two additional components to its leadership training initiative that are critical in reinforcing positive leadership traits among Senegal’s youth.

1. Leadership Circle Clubs: Leadership Circle Clubs are student-led organizations that will focus on leadership and its application in various aspects of the students’ lives in and out of school. The Leadership Circles will provide students the opportunity to work with each other to embrace and reinforce their leadership roles and to apply the concepts and skills from the leadership training course. Student members will be engaged in a variety of school- and community-based activities to foster their leadership skills.

2. Leadership Bridges: The Leadership Bridges project was created in the context of a rapidly globalizing and interdependent world which makes it imperative that youth interact with their peers across the globe. Creating a new generation of leaders entails facilitating peer-to-peer programs between Senegalese youth and their counterparts in schools in other countries in Africa, the Caribbean and the U.S.


Over 26,000 middle school students in Senegal’s Casamance region have received leadership training
Over 100,000 copies of the first leadership training curriculum for middle school   students printed and distributed in middle schools throughout Senegal
More than 50 principals and teachers trained to deliver the leadership training curriculum

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